6 Years From Now

6 Years From Now

“Well, if it wasn’t love, it’s a lot like it.”

It’s almost two in the morning and I just finished watching the movie “A Lot Like Love”. It’s a story of hmm… Destiny? Chances? Plans? Getting all of your shits together? Ugh. I don’t exactly know. After six years of hello’s and goodbyes, Oliver (Ashton Kutcher) and Emily (Amanda Peet) finally realized that what they have is love. Yes, scratch the “a lot like” part.

Weeeeell aside from the love story told, something lingers in my mind.

What would I be in 6 years? Where will I be? What will I own? Will I be with someone? Will I achieve my dreams? Or would everything just fall out of places?

In 2 years, my aim is to graduate. Graduate on time, yes I would love that. I’ll get a job. I can start from small but I want my job to be related to helping out the people in need, especially those in the marginalized sector of the society. I will find a stable job with enough salary for me to save up for a house I would buy for my mom. Pag-ibig loan, kachow. I guess that’s all what I want to have in 6 years. The three to five years that would follow, I want to have a car and then I will settle with a handsome, successful, God-fearing and loving husband. ♥

DISCLAIMER: The photo is not mine. I just got it from Google buddy.
LINK: http://kamirosen.blogspot.com/2010/12/lot-like-love.html (LOLYEAH FROM ANOTHER BLOG SORRY)


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