04.30.13 | Unexpected Twist

My horrible day just turned into a great one, well thanks to two of my best friends (hi Ivan and CA!).


I haven’t had my night off, well I didn’t sleep for three reasons. First, I didn’t feel sleepy during the night. Second, I enjoyed reading news, creating themes/backgrounds, surfing the Net and creating my first ever blog (i.e. Demolisyon). Yaaay me! Lastly, I wanted to turn my biological clock back to its normal condition, the one I am used to when I go to school.


So since I am feeling high and drowsy at the same time, I finally decided to go on a VERY SHORT nap and it was like 10 minutes. My sister waked me up for I asked her to cook a hashbrown for me. Then there the battle began. An argument was raised verbally until we fought physically, immature I know. I had my sensible reasons deep down from my blood-pumping organ. Well, I care for my sister and she doesn’t see that. She acts b*tchy and all, hides secrets from us, uses profanity in social networks and takes indiscreet pictures with her boyfriend whom we really disliked. I was a concerned sister, not being heroic and all, but I am. That’s what I want her to know. I am short-tempered and I guess that is my mistake.


I burst down in tears. I lied on my stomach and hardly pushed my face on a pillow. I can hear the sound of my own sobbing. This time it is not just the pain I feel for having my heart ripped by my sister but it is also about the agony I was feeling caused by my past boyfriend who got away. Two extreme reasons on why was my pillow wet from tears.


I didn’t hesitate to text my guy best friend because I know he’s just there, he always is. I remember him saying, “If you need someone to talk to, you know I will always be available”. So then I sent him a text message asking him to take me out and go to wherever. I just wanna leave the house. Afterwards, an idea kicked in my mind. Hey! Ivan wants to watch Iron Man 3 badly, so why not watch it? Yuh I haven’t watched the first two movies but I know I’ll catch up. And I definitely did 😉 I also invited CA and Angela but it turns out that only CA is free so we all went to the mall and watched it together. I had fun! CA went home with her siblings and mother leaving Ivan and me alone. So we ate Takuyaki and Friiiiiiiies and drank Zagu! I also bought popcorn after the movie, yeah weird. Then Ivan drove me home and he played with our puppy, Raffa, for a while and then headed home.


Naaaw that’s how my terrible day was twisted into a bright joyous one!


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